A Masters that offers both academic rigor and reputation with EU practitioner insight.

MEPP is a one-year Advanced Master's programme situated 20 minutes from the heart of Europe. The programme builds on the international reputation of KU Leuven and develops a course that prepares students for careers in governments, international bodies and research.

With an explicit focus on Europe and the comparative aspect of research, MEPP is a rigorous and valuable course for individuals interested in the EU and Europe.

As a university, KU Leuven ranks 7th in Europe and 45th worldwide (THE 2019). For the firth year running, the KU Leuven is at the top of Reuters ranking of Europe's most innovative universities (Reuters 2019). The Faculty of Social Sciences is ranked 47th worldwide and 7th in continental Europe (THE 2018).

MEPP furthermore prides itself on being an EAPAA-accredited programme. The European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA) is Europe’s leading accreditation agency when it comes to Public Administation and guarantees MEPP's high standing educational quality.

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MEPP Newsletter

May 2018

Thanks to its high academic standards and constant strive for excellence, MEPP greatly contributed to advance my analytical skills as well as to deepen my knowledge of public affairs. As importantly, by bringing students from many countries together, MEPP demonstrates that the idea of Europe is not just a concept, it is also a reality
— Guillaume Goessens, MEPP 2017, First secretary at the Belgian Embassy in Jakarta

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